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Sat May 30 03:08:42 PDT 1998

Axel , Jeanmaire & Diane Remes wrote:
> Afan wrote:
> As for asking for help, it seems to me that since chivalry,(the
> respect and courtesy with which we are supposed to treat one another)
> is one of the main building blocks, which the Society has been
> created upon, no one should have to ask. Maybe that is taking a bit
> of a hard stand, but then again my belief is that most of us are big
> boys and girls and shouldn't have to be reminded like children
> Having been married to a knight for over 12 years, I really have to
> recommend approaching them like children.  (OK - now don't you white belt
> types get offended.)  Even more than other people, knights get very wrapped
> up in conversations to the exclusion of all else.  Just as I suggested that
> most people do not omit titles intentionally, I would also like to suggest
> that these Knights did not say to themselves "Oh, look - there's a Lady
> struggling to set up camp by herself.  Think we should help?  No, we're
> above that."   Of course that's not what happened!  Like small children,
> they get so wrapped up in themselves that they just don't notice.  Axel (my
> husband) will be the first to plead "guilty" to this one.  I understand that
> shy people have trouble asking for help, having worked very hard to overcome
> this problem myself.  (Rosaleigh & Arabella will tell you how well I've
> succeeded.)  But I think it's very unfair to not ask for help, and then
> complain that no one helped you.  If you feel too shy to ask for help in the
> future, come to me & I'll round people up for you (or the Baroness, or any
> number of other people).
> Hope I haven't made things worse by offending anyone.
> Jeanmaire
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I don't know if I am spelling this right but "VIVAT, VIVAT, VIVAT".   My
respect (which I already had) has sky rocketed.  You out to submit this
to the elfsea  or black star or both.
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