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windell gibson draeco at
Sun May 31 03:42:29 PDT 1998

Arabella de Montacute wrote:
> Dearest Kate,
>      He should have entered into the Thunderbuns competition!!!
> hehehehe!!  Listen I can give you directions from dallas on how to get
> to the highland games. I grew up in dallas and know it well.  I'd like
> for you and your lord husband to come play at the games with us.  I will
> also help sponsor you onto the grounds.  Can't wait to see you, we'll
> have a blast. - Arabella
> >windell gibson wrote:
> >
> >> I was told yesterday that they ran out of tickets.  Is this
> true?V.Kate
> >
> >No more free tickets. The games are not that expensive. I will sponser
> >you, Kate, if need be. Just leave that ugly big hulk of yours at home
> >and come and have a good time.
> >
> >Crandall
> >
> >p.s. OTOH, you had better bring him. I am told that some of the Elfsea
> >ladies think that he is cute.
> >
> >c
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Arabella, thank you but we will be able to afford it, Dan get paid the
day before the highland games.  We will be there for sure.  Our house is
be treated for bugs, spiders (yeckkkk), ticks (I have a wolf they love
to live on) and I am allergic to the chemicals.  So the games have
picked the perfect weekend.  But thank you for your offer you have no
idea how wonderful that has made me feel.  It is great having a home
again.  Much love, V. Kate  PS  don't worry about the hair braiding I
saw how exhausted you were and actually I like turbans.  I wore them
alot when I was Princess.  So dont sweat it.
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