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Fri May 1 09:24:28 PDT 1998

I hope you will encourage everyone  who is not going to the Academy of
the Rapier to come to the Mid-summer Ball. It will be on Saturday June 27
in Arlington and it should be nice and cool. 
On Thu, 4 Jun 1998 16:33:18 -0400 Todd Marsh <llywelyn at> writes:
>As you may know, Academy of the Rapier will be June 26-28.  This site 
>is not very far from Elfsea.  Beginning classes will be taught, and 
>authorizations for combat and marshalling will be done.  
>Don't worry about armor. You can attend any class without armor, you 
>just can't get the experience.  I will make sure that our Baronial 
>loaner gear will be there, and that everyone has a chance to fight.
>I hope to see a large group from Elfsea.
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>As Don Modius stated here is the revised schdule and also EXTENDED 
>INSTRUCTIONS TO SITE: (please also watch for SCA Road Signs)
>The event is conveniently located 23 miles South of Abilene, Texas. 
>Take Winters Freeway which is  277/83/84 south from I-20 to the 
>277/14th Street exit.  Take 277 to Hwy 89. Turn West on Hwy 89, go 
>approximately 4.5 miles to Co. Rd 351. If you miss the 277/14th Street 
>exit and find yourself on Hwy 89/Buffalo Gap Rd, continue on to the 
>town of Buffalo Gap, following hwy 89.  In Buffalo Gap you will make a 
>right onto Hwy 89 and continue until you cross over 277.  Staying on 
>Hwy 89 to will come to Co. Rd 351.  Gate opens at 5:00 p.m. Friday.
>Shaded area is very limited.  Please more then one person per tent.  
>Large pavilions will have to be placed in non shaded areas.  No Glass 
>Containers on Site.
>There is electricity on site, solar showers and flush toilets along 
>with the A/C hall.
>TIMES	       A/Basic	              B/Intermediate	 
>       C/Miscellaneous
> 8:30 -  9:00	OPEN	   		White Scarf 
>Circle		OPEN
> 9:00 -  9:30	Basic Marshaling	White Scarf
Circle		OPEN
> 9:30 - 10:00	Tivar's Machine 	Local 
>Marshaling		Advanced Clothing for the Field
>10:00 - 11:00	Dagger - basic	        Infighting          
>    	Fencing 101
>11:00 - 12:00	Single - basic	        Dagger              
> Incremental Approach to Period Fighting
>12:00 - 12:30	LUNCH	               LUNCH	         
>           	LUNCH
>12:30 -  1:00	Ratan to rapier	Regional Marshaling	 
>  	OPEN
> 1:00 -  2:00	Buckler - basic	Snipping
> 2:00 -  3:00	Case - basic	 	Buckler
> 3:00 -  4:00	Cloak      
		Case				Developing 
>a late 16th Century Persona
> 4:00 -  5:00	Drills and Katas	Free Sparing with 
>Dons		Fighting in a Period Style
> 5:00 -  6:00	What is a Don	    	What is a 
>Don			What is a Don
> 6:00 -  6:30	White Scarf Circle	White Scarf 
>Circle		White Scarf Circle
>6:30	       COURT	              
>7:00	       FEAST	              
>Classes	                                         Instructors	

>Basic Marshaling	                        Dona Leah, Ld Colin
>In-fighting - Intermediate/Advanced	Don Giacomo, Don Horoun, 
>Don Aubrey, Ld. Ingve
>Local/Regional  Marshaling	             Don Kazmir, HE 
>Cloak - Basic/Intermediate/Advanced	 Don Alaric, Don Christian, 
>Ld. Valentyne
>Tivar's Machine & Blow Calling	       Don Tivar
>Fighting in a Period Style	             Don Christian, Ld. 
>Antoine, HL. Aeron Harper
>Fencing 101: Novice	                         Don Kazmir, HE 
>Llywelyn, Ldy. Sosha
>Persona/Honor	                               Don Kazmir, Don 
>Christian, Ld.Leonardo
>Dagger - Basic	                               Don Tivar, Ld 
>Brian, Ld. Aaron V. Donovan, Ld Conor		
>Dagger - Intermediate/Advanced	       Don Aubrey, Don Modius, 
>Don Horoun
>Incremental Approach to Period Fighting	             Don Robin
>Single - Basic	                               Don Lavan, Don 
>Ericus, Dona Leah
>Developing late 16th Century persona 		Don Eula, HE 
>Jehanne D'Avignon
>Sniping - Intermediate/Advanced	       Don Dourmust, Ld. 
>Staltus, Ld. Piet
>>From Ratan to Rapier	                   HRH  Barn, Duke 
>Sigmund, Duke Michael
>Buckler - Basic	                   Don Ettienne, Don Robin, HE 
>Chrystal, Ld.Geoffrey of the Bay
>Advanced clothing for the field	       Don Eule,  Ld. Orlando
>Buckler - Intermediate/Advanced	        Don Brenden, Don 
>Ansgar, Ld. Staltus
>Gross Anatomy	                               Don Ettienne, Don 
>Malcolm, HE Kayleigh, Ld. Eisen
>Case - Basic	                               Don Horoun,, Don 
>Wolfgang, Ld.Donovan
>Drills and Katas	                        Don Durmust, Don 
>Sigmund, HL Robert
>Case - Intermediate/Advanced	       Don Donald, Don Zorcon, Don 
>Modius, Don Henri	
>Free Sparing with Dons	                    Dons - All
>What is a Don? - Roundtable Discussion	Dons - All
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