ES - I am new and wanted to introduce myself

willow l herbert jonwillowpel at
Fri May 1 20:55:06 PDT 1998

Greetings from Duchess Willow de Wisp
Kind sir, I hope will be meeting you person soon. I hope to can come to
the Mid-Summer Ball on June 27. Would you please save a dance for me.
On Sat, 6 Jun 1998 01:02:35 EDT UseaNIKON at writes:
>	To all in reading range my name is Alasdair Mackenzie. I hail 
>from Blacklake
>but I shall be making my appearance in the Incipent College of Three 
>soon. I am a heavy fighter that is also interested in dance, when my 
>feet obey
>me, and woodworking. I will be looking forward to meeting many new 
>people and
>fighting with just as many.
>Living the Dream,
>Alasdair Mackenzie
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