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Mon Sep 7 15:15:29 PDT 1998

Greetings one and all!

While I am sure that many more tales will be told of the events this
weekend, both Gothic and Weisenfurer Baronial, I would like to share
some thoughts about Gothic War.

For those who do not know, Gothic War was a themed event this year
depicting the War of the Roses.  His Excellency Drake was the Duke of
Lancaster and His Excellency Pendaran was the Duke of York.  Everyone
who attended at the event was given either a Red or White rose to
represent which side they were on in the war, as there were War Points
given for A&S, Bardic, Rapier and Armored combat.

There was one group of participants that was not aligned directly with
either York or Lancaster ... Elfsea!  Elfsea attended the event as the
forces of the Earl of Warwick, with His Excellency Galen of Bristol
playing the role of the Earl.  As was true in history, Earl Warwick
and his men began allied with York and then later changed to back
Lancaster, all the time with political machinations going on between
the battles including marrying off the Earl's two 'daughters', one to
each side in turn, which were played by Azalais and Vivaine. 
Eventually Warwick's force did divide itself and simply become
fighters upon the field after it became obvious that the force of arms
they brought was swaying victory to their ally each time.  The first
two scenarios (field battles) went to York, the second two scenarios
(after Warwick changed sides) went to Lancaster and then Elfsea's
forces were divided to even the sides.  As much fun as was had by our
forces, and they were all smiling when they weren't panting, the most
impressive thing had to be that Elfsea was about 20% of the fighters
on the field that day AND we had enough people in support that we
could pull our share of waterbearing as well.

Saturday evening the Bardic competition was held, with three
competitors and many times that many people coming to hear the
performances.  The competitors were Lord Hugh of Bonwicke (who
recieved his AoA that evening at court), Viscount Galen of Bristol,
and myself.  Each performer was asked to do three pieces.  The
competition was tight but when the results were announced at court I
had been chosen as the victor.

There will be much more told about this event, I know that Lady
Arabella is already asking for pieces about it for the scroll, but I
wanted to give a basic report for those who did not make it or were up
north in Weisenfurer.

In service to the dream,
Lord Timothy of Glastonbury

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