ES - Ratan

Almar Bjarnklo almar_b at
Thu Sep 17 16:23:29 PDT 1998

Heilsa Elfsea,
  Almar here, I have found SCA access to Ratan.  I have heard of people 
looking for it, we have it.  We have 8 8' lengths for $20.00.  We will 
have more it takes approxx 1 week to get.  If anyone needs any let me 
know.  I will try and keep at least 1 stick at all times.  If anyone 
knows ..... oh geeeezzz .... ok phonetically...or is it foanetickly!!???  
Aeglewolf the Loud from the stepps, he has it and I am meerly his 
transport to help out.  Soooo just let me know ..
  In service to us, The MIGHTIEST Kingdom, Ansteorra and all her 


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