[Elfsea] Scroll Layout and Kingdom Law Proof-reading

Timothy Rayburn timothy_of_glastonbury at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 21 14:51:34 PDT 2001

Greetings Elfsea,

On Thursday night I will be laying out and printing the Elfsea Scroll
for September.  I hope to be significantly done with it already by this
point so that the folding and labeling can get done that night as well.
 Anyone willing to help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I am currently assisting our Kingdom Seneschal in laying out the
upcoming publication of Kingdom Law.  I would be very grateful for any
assistance in reading over this for typos that evening as well.

As always, my address is :

1102 Angel Fire Lane
Arlington, TX 76001

And my phone is 817-419-2813


Timothy of Glastonbury

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