[Elfsea] Water Truck, Showers, Pools and Fire-fighting

Synrik synrik at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 1 14:29:10 PDT 2001

Sorry for having been off-line for the last couple of days, but pampering
a household that has sinus infections takes a little time.

Water Truck, Showers, Pools and Fire-fighting

I put out a suggestion to the list that either was ignored or was lost in
all of the other messages about making a bladder to set in the back of a
pick-up for hauling water.  In basic, the idea was to make a large
water-bed bladder for hauling large quantities of water here and there for
the populace.  It would be a matter of health (water-bearing), comfort
(showers and pools), and safety (fire fighting / prevention).

The bladder would be made of 6-10mm plastic sheeting, water sealed, with
ports for filling, a hose out-put, and a large zipper for cleaning.  It
would basically fill the back of your average medium bed pick-up.  But
being that the whole thing is collapsible, it could fit most any size
truck for the purpose.  And when done, it could be folded up to the size
of your average pop-up tent.

Since I had no real response, I will try to have one made and field tested
for the next moot.

Now this only solves a part of the problems that others had said that they
had with a primitive site.  By being able to move large amounts of water,
you can also begin to consider showers and the like as well.  With a few
tarps hung between trees and some ropes overhead to hang solar showers,
you may get a good start on things.  Now if someone was to trench for
gray-water and had a fire to heat up the water for a hot shower, then many
people would be a lot happier.

Now, as it so happens.  I also have a GP medium and a water-tank style
wading pool (2’H by 12’Dia).  It would take a little thinking and a little
bit of rubber hosing, but I think that I may be able to turn it into a
hot-tub.  And that is something to think about on a cold Gulf-war night.

I like water as much as the next person, so I do hope that this at least
gives others a few ideas.

Nothing is impossible . . . . .  All you have to do is but Dream . . . . .


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