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I offered up Green's North Main Barbecue when part of the discussion was
possibly considering just going out for a get-together dinner some Friday or
Saturday night when most people weren't planning on travelling that weekend.
That's how it worked when I offered it up for the "Gulf War Orphans" dinner
last year.  Only a few people showed, but everyone had a good time.  I love
the idea of a picnic at fighter practice, especially if we can get the
covered pavillion and the grills.

Maybe we can do Green's after the Bedford Celtic Heritage Festival demo
Saturday night, it is practically around the corner... ;^{>


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>It is a good all you can eat price for barbeque, but should the "picnic to
>unwind" after fighter practice cost as much a getting into Defender?  Pot
>luck picnics or pot luck dinners is a hosts house would allow the less
>moneyed amongst us to save it for the "big" events and still participate in
>the "little" more relaxed ones.
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