[Elfsea] considering a society name

Kate Rayburn anezka at elfsea.net
Fri Oct 5 12:57:02 PDT 2001

Well, since Timothy forgot to include our address for Heralds, Scribes
and Illuminators, here it is.

We are at 1102 Angel Fire Lane, Arlington, TX, 76001.  If you have any
questions or need directions, please call us on Monday (as we will be at
Crown Tourney) at 817-419-2813.

In service,
Anezka z Rozmitala
Co-host of Heralds, Scribes and Illuminators

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My name is Timothy of Glastonbury, I happen to be a deputy of our local
Herald, a member of the Academy of Saint Gabriel, and the co-host of the
monthly Heralds, Scribes and Illuminators Guild.  If you'd like, this
coming Monday night at 7:30 we will be having the meeting of many local
heralds, at my house (address below) where we have a library that should
be able to document your name, confirm it is not already registered,

The Academy's response to your request will no doubt be completed
shortly.  It is the Academy's policy to leave communications to the
person writing the response, but I will tell you that the Academy is
hard at work on it, and will have valueable information for you shortly.

Timothy of Glastonbury

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