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I have been scanning these messages pretty quick, so please forgive me if I
repeat someone else.

10 bucks is pricey, however, the dinner is all you can eat, has at least
four meat selections and all the trimmings and that includes tea and water.
If you want anything else to drink, bring a cooler.  No tips, cuz you serve
yourself.  So, I can feed the family for 35 bucks, flat and there are not
many places with ribs where that happens.

We tend to save up a bit and treat ourselves to this place about twice a
year.  It is also quite a drive for us.

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> Thank you for your suggestion.  and sharing,  I didnt mean to be a wet
> blanket.  but when you only work 35 hrs a week at $6.00 per hour.  that is
> $210.00 per week before taxes.  There just isnt much left to that amt per
> person.  I was simply thinking of my finances.
> Innes
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