[Elfsea] SCA makes the Cedar Hill Today newspaper!

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Fri Oct 5 20:15:03 PDT 2001

I think I saw him a couple of times, once while collecting money for scroll
subscriptions.  Maybe if I saw a picture I might remember him, but the name
does sound familiar.


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>Subject: [Elfsea] SCA makes the Cedar Hill Today newspaper!
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>Xene here:
>There is a very nice article in the the Cedar Hill Today newspaper
>an interview with Officer David Bowen of the Cedar Hill Police Department.
>I believe he used to train with Sir Axel out here in Cedar Hill. The
>is very complimentary and informational about the SCA, including both the
>web page and the phone number for the corporate office.  It also talks
>fighter practices at Randoll Mill Park and how there used to be some at
>Crawford Park in Cedar Hill - that was when Axel and Jeanmaire lived here.
>Does anyone else know him, or his SCA name?  He has a lovely set of
>chainmail and brigandine armor on in the full length photo. There is also a
>picture of his shield - it shows a pig wielding a sword.
>I will be getting in touch with him, though.  He looks familiar, but......I
>don't remember him.  Llywelyn remembers working/fighting with him, though.
>Gee, there sure are getting to be a lot of SCA'ers out here in the
>Borderlands. Maybe we could schedule a war practice out here.  We have a
>really big park out by Joe Pool Lake - Lake Ridge Park.
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