[Elfsea] Heralds, Scribes and Illuminators

Kate Rayburn anezka at elfsea.net
Sun Oct 7 11:28:35 PDT 2001

Tomorrow (Monday) is the October gathering of Heralds, Scribes and
Illuminators.  As there is no October ILOI for commentary, the heralds
will be focusing upon education, so if you need help coming up with a
name or device or just wish to learn more about heraldry, the heralds
welcome you.  The scribes will continue painting kingdom and baronial
charters.  Don't be intimidated, it's a lot of fun.

Our house is at 1102 Angel Fire Lane, Arlington, TX 76001.  If you need
directions, please call me at 817-419-2813.

In Service,
Anezka z Rozmitala

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