[Elfsea] SCA makes the Cedar Hill Today newspaper!

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Sun Oct 7 18:15:41 PDT 2001

Greetings from Mistress Stella-
I remember this person. He found the SCA one day when Sir Axel was speeding
home to Cedar Hill and was pulled over. Officer Bowen was so charmed with
stories of the SCA by Sir Axel that Sir Axel got out of a speeding ticket!
His SCA name was Keef ap Owen. He came to fighter practices regularly for
about a year, then dropped out. He came back about a year ago and got
reauthorized to fight, but then wasn't seen again.
	I am a little puzzled why a person who isn't an active member is doing
demos and articles about us, but he seems to be giving out reasonable
	In service, HE Stella

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> Subject: [Elfsea] SCA makes the Cedar Hill Today newspaper!
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> Xene here:
> There is a very nice article in the the Cedar Hill Today newspaper
> an interview with Officer David Bowen of the Cedar Hill Police
> I believe he used to train with Sir Axel out here in Cedar Hill. The
> is very complimentary and informational about the SCA, including both the
> web page and the phone number for the corporate office.  It also talks
> fighter practices at Randoll Mill Park and how there used to be some at
> Crawford Park in Cedar Hill - that was when Axel and Jeanmaire lived
> Does anyone else know him, or his SCA name?  He has a lovely set of
> chainmail and brigandine armor on in the full length photo. There is also
> picture of his shield - it shows a pig wielding a sword.
> I will be getting in touch with him, though.  He looks familiar,
> don't remember him.  Llywelyn remembers working/fighting with him,
> Gee, there sure are getting to be a lot of SCA'ers out here in the
> Borderlands. Maybe we could schedule a war practice out here.  We have a
> really big park out by Joe Pool Lake - Lake Ridge Park.
> Xene
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