[Elfsea] Trimaris Trivia

Timothy Rayburn timothy_of_glastonbury at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 7 20:04:28 PDT 2001

Some of you may remember a poem I composed a couple of Gulf Wars ago
regarding the Champions Battle where still Squire Romanius (he was
Knighted that night) faced off with Squire Yoan Moon Yang.

Yoan was again a unbelted Champion for Trimaris this year at Gulf War.

Well, word has just reached my ears that Their Majesties Trimaris have
seen to it that this will never happen again...  They have knighted him
recently, and he could now only be chosen as a Belted Champion. ;)

Any who saw that Champions Battle so many moons ago know that this had
to be coming eventually, and I am glad to see it happen.

Timothy of Glastonbury
Who once upon a time wrote some poems and sang songs, and hasn't in far
to long.

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