[Elfsea] Grapevine

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Camp Burnett (the old Steppes Warlord site and site for this Fall's Court
Event) is on Lake Grapevine, in Southlake, which is really close to the area
you're speaking of.  There shouldn't be a dispute, anyway.  We share the
Canton site, don't we?


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>As far back (1979) as I can recall, Grapevine has alway been unclaimed,
>undisputed land - although we have used sites out that way for the
>occasional border war over the years.  Might it possibly be time for
>another?  ;^{>
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>Subject: [Elfsea] Grapevine
> >I don't recall if I asked this or not, but Grapevine is a part of
> >Elfsea, correct?! (House-shopping)
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