[Elfsea] A Request... (was --> Another name game)

CaptnAnn@aol.com CaptnAnn at aol.com
Wed Oct 24 06:53:33 PDT 2001

Greeting all,

This name game business is starting to get very confusing... when I read my
digest today I didn't know who to respond to or email back because of all the
new "Anne" 's out there.  As one whom has literally gone by Captain Anne for
many, many years, I request those playing this game please add in parenthesis
after your pirate-playing name the name you are known by to save on further

Thank you all very much, and my apologies for not responding to those of you
really trying to get a message to me.

Ly. Anne Cormac de Chartrese
aka. the real Captain Anne (since 1985)

PS: Just because I've ducked out of sight for awhile doesn't mean I'm not
here. :-)

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