[Elfsea] possible A&S "thing"?

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Wed Oct 24 18:00:04 PDT 2001

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I must preface this suggestion with a "I don't know how, but I would like

Here goes:  Leather Factory has goat skins on sale for $5.  They are sooo
soft and rather thin, like heavy cloth or light weight vinyl (and too light
weight for many things).  They are exactly the same kind of leather used (it
looks like) in the very expensive, soft mens work gloves---which leads to
this thought:

With winter coming everyone starts looking at gloves.  There was a wonderful
article a little time ago in TI on making dueling gloves and the same good
lady who wrote this taught a class at Glaslyn's Artison of the Flame on
making gloves, soooo

With these hand outs/articles, a $5 skin and some space (and maybe someone
who took the class), would it be feasable to have a glove "get together" and
everybody learn glove making?  This leather seams ideal for hand sewing
(forgive the pun).

There may not be any interest, but it's something fighter, artist, lady and
lord could use and it would be very inexpensive.

(leather junky)
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