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Wilim and I live less than a five minute walk from the Boy's Ranch.  It's a very nice park with a good amount of traffic through the park especially on the weekends.  It has restrooms, water fountains, lots of shade and parking, a nice playground, and is well lit at night.

I called the office of the Director of Parks and Recreation.  To use the park, we'd have to contact the Director, preferrably by letter, and explain what we'd be doing and when.  The Director most likely will be able to give us the okay to use the park, we might have to go to the
Parks Board for permission, but if we got it, we could most likely get permission to do target archery in the park as well.  I have all the contact info to do this if we want to look into it more.

In Service,

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>I believe Willim brought up the idea of the Bedford
>Boy's Ranch.
>I pulled up the info on the park:
>Bedford Parks and Community Services -
>Bedford Boys Ranch
>2801 Forest Ridge Drive
>at Harwood Road
>Bedford, TX 76021

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