[Elfsea] Moot Tonight -- Fighter Practice Discussion

Shaw, Donnel ShawD at chisd.com
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What I will drive now is  not the same as I would drive 10years ago and what
I am willing to drive in 10 years from now may be something different.
What we are willing to do and not to do will is not the same for everyone.
It will never be the same.
And yes the proximity and the distance can and will make the difference for
weather you will or will not go.
What it will boil down to is everyone will have to decide for themselves.
I will say it should be somewhere that it fits the needs of most of the
people. (A clean bathroom would be nice)
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Phelipe wrote:

> While the Bedfords' Boys Ranch is a nice place
> I don't know if I am
> willing to make that kind of a trip every weekend
> just for a couple of hours
> of practice.


> Right now I am getting the will and drive back to
> where I am itching to
> start going to practice again (both light & heavy)
> but if practice gets put
> too far away from home I might loose the will to
> attend them regularly.
> My opinion is that we should try to keep practice as
> geographically centered
> as possible.
>      Phelippe

Our populace from the Loch (Ceatta & Robin, Mebd &
Dair, Dunsten to name only a few) travel upwords of
one hour to get to practice.  Should we inconveniance
an entire canton to please only a handfull?  I believe
that if someone truly wants to improve themselves,
they will go to great lengths and make many sacrafices
in order to achieve thier goals (even if that means
driving a bit further on sundays).  A centrel location
may mean that some of us may have to add twenty maybe
thirty minutes to thier drive; a sacrafice that I am
more than willing to make; but in the whole scheme of
things it may mean that we all are equally distanced
from that location.



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