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What he said.

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Galen here...

Speaking not as the baron, but as the founder of the Elfsea mailing
list, I wanted to address some passing remarks about what this list is
and is not for.

Basically, it's for whatever we may reasonably expect that most of
Elfsea would be interested in.

If we know about a job that might be good for someone in the market (to
use a recent example), I'm sure we'd all be delighted to see one of our
number find new employment.  If we have things to sell, or need to learn
where to buy things, that seems completely appropriate to me.

Brainstorming ideas for a new fighter practice site, either candidate
sites or selection criteria, should be welcome here.  Planning events
(which has been done) or group outings like parties or movies, is very
conveniently done here.

We care about each other.  Announcement of news in our personal lives is
appropriate here.

Announcements of near-term upcoming events are appropriate here.  But
this list should supplement, not replace, our meetings, Moots, and _The
Elfsea Scroll_.

Award recommendations have no place here.  Neither have letters of
complaint, nor hostile attitudes.  Those are best expressed privately.
Bogus virus warnings and other scare-mongering is also unwelcome.  These
have never been a problem.  Generally, circulating internet humor and
feel-good stories haven't been welcome on this list, as so many of us
have seen these things before.

If you're looking for just one person you think is on this list, you can
go to www.ansteorra.org, take the mailing lists link at the bottom of
the page, and quickly get to a list of all the email addresses that are
subscribed to this list.  That's probably better, if possible, than
telling the whole barony who you are trying to reach.

This is all my (admittedly forceful) opinion.  I hope I am expressing a
consensus opinion of those who use this list.  My purpose with this post
is to reassure those who seem to feel it necessary to begin their posts
with apologies for taking up our precious bandwidth.  Hey, if you need
to buy a truck, post it with pride (I'm sorry my truck is outside the
price-range of the person who recently posted looking for a truck).
This list is our networking tool.  I haven't noticed it being abused,
it's the nicest of the many lists I'm on, and we should continue to use
it as responsibily and courteously as we always have.

- Paul Mitchell / Galen of Bristol
"God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but
shouts in our pains: it is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world."
       - C.S. Lewis
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