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What a week!!! I hope she is doing well and glad to hear that she hasn't
terrorized the hospital staff.

Can you tell us what hospital Dana is in, please?

We have lots of people to remember in our thoughts and prayers.

Mistress Xene.

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Greetings to all,

As promised I am reporting on Dana's condition after surgery.  The procedure
went very well and she is doing great at this time.  She is going to
for a couple of hours and then will spend the balance of the day and tonight
in ICU before going to her room in the morning.  So far she has eaten no
nurses or doctors and was even civil before surgery.  Happy pills are great
They were impressed because she could tell them the medical name of the
procedure; I believe it was a bi-lateral something or maybe just a lateral
Oh no, that's football; but anyway she is doing fine and I will keep
posted as to her condition and will let you all know her room and other info
as soon as it's available.


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