[Elfsea] Newcomer Encampment and Activities at Elfsea Defender

Christine Huse maria_elfsea at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 6 12:21:47 PDT 2001

Buenos Dias!

Are you a newcomer coming to Elfsea Defender? Do you know a newcomer who is
coming to Elfsea Defender? Well, then I have a place for all newcomers to
feel welcome!

I am hosting the Newcomer encampment at Elfsea Defender! I personally invite
all newcomers to come camp with me! We will have a prime spot...very close
to the list field and all the other activities! At dinner time, I am hosting
a potluck dinner. Bring your favorite side dish and I will bring a a
slow-cooked...tender...jiucy brisket!

What? Not camping? Not a newcomer? No problem! I'm also hosting a
Hospitaler's Pavilion. I promise that we will have fun! There will be
goodies to share among everyone! Among our activities of watching the
tournament, we will have scavenger hunt, a fashion show and a pilgrimage to
strange and far away places! All are welcome under my pavillion! Please
allow me to show you true Elfsea Hospitality!

If you would like to camp with me, dine with me or would like to help in
anyone of my fun and exciting activities, please let me know!

Please feel free to forward this to your local lists and spread the word
about the fun we will have at Elfsea Defender!

Lady Maria de Vasquez
Elfsea's Hospitaler


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