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Greetings to all good gentles in the O'MalleyHightowers household & Falcon Rose,

We are having a household meeting this coming Sunday, September 9, at 3pm. The meeting will be held at my Lady-in-Waiting's home. The evening fare will be potluck, so please call and let me know what you are planning to bring so we don't have doubles. I will be bringing meat.

Anyone interested in attending this household meeting to look us over and find out what we can help you with, please accept this as my invitation to you. Just because you show up doesn't mean you have to be a member.

The household meeting will be a combined meeting with The Household of Falcon Rose.  It will be a meet and greet so to speak so that we can all get to know one another.  This meeting will also disspell any assumptions that we (O'MalleyHightowers) are trying to take over the honorable House of Falcon Rose.

You may bring things of an alcoholic nature but be warned I will confiscate keys, if you become beligerent I will let the air out of your tires. Please do not make me do that.  Have a designated driver if you wish to participate in the spirits.

We will be discussing things like how we can assist our baronies, kingdom and our members whether they are new or old.  I hope this meets with all of your approvals.

Bring your appetites and your wish to have a great time.

M'Lady Liadan Brega's household address is: 809 Morningstar Trail, Richardson, Texas 75081. Please feel free to make contact for directions or use Yahoo Maps, MapQuest or the like as M'Lady is fairly geographically impaired when it comes to directions.

All are welcome, children as well.  My two granddaughters will be in attendance.

Your humble servant,
Viscountess Katherine
Chieftainess of House O'MalleyHightowers (this is a matriarchal household.)
Herbalist Guild Leader
Director and Creator of the Academy of the Young Wolves
Arts & Science Champion of the Wastelands


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