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Jhan Knebel rixende at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 10 13:08:13 PDT 2001

Welcome Rhiannon!

You could not have moved to a more welcoming place!
(I know, I just moved here a little over a year ago

While I can't give you any information on Three
Bridges meetings, I'm sure that someone else will pipe
up with that for you.

What are your interests in the Society? The Barony of
Elfsea is a very active and fun place, with a wide
variety of knowledge in many areas of expertise. We'd
love to match you up with some people who share
interests with you!

Welcome and as the saying goes:

Life is good in Elfsea!


--- circe at artlover.com wrote:
> Greetings, I'm new to the college and have been in
> sca elsewhere (in Calontir). I would love to know
> when and where the new meeting is. Also any advice
> for me to get started in Ansteorra would be very
> helpful.
>  thank you all for the help, Rhiannon filia McCrea

Lady Rixende de Rouen
Privy Secretary to TRM Duncan and Larissa, Ansteorra
Apprentice to Mistress Signy Dimmridaela
http://www.timelessbeads.com       rixende at timelessbeads.com
Quidam audet valde, facit valde

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