[Elfsea] House FalconRose

Slim Hardy falconrose at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 12 11:49:42 PDT 2001

Unto the kingdom of Ansteorra and our beloved Barony
of Elfsea.  It has been brought to our attention that
several people have been concerned regarding the
recent E-mails and conversation of a proposed alliance
with the O’MalleyHightowers that had been confused
with a possible joining of households.

We now state to you that House FalconRose has no
intention of changing it’s long-standing loyalties to
King and Baron.  Though we have been on the search to
add old blood and wisdom unto the household to benefit
our newer members, we had no intention of causing the
amount of consternation evoked, nor do we ever have
any intention of giving up our position of leadership
of our house.  We appreciate everyone’s concern and do
apologize for any chaos caused by the exchange over
the mailing list as it confused the issue for all

In closing we wish to say that we highly respect the
House of O’MalleyHightower and that both Viscountess
Katherine and Viscount Hightower are to be considered
close friends of House FalconRose and wish no one to
believe that there had been any attempt of a take over
for this is not the case.  Please send any further
concerns or questions to our E-mail at
falconrose at yahoo.com.

Also, please keep in mind that if this has peeved
anyone’s interest in educating and broadening the
horizons of our people, we would welcome any offers.
Please direct any such offers only to one or the other
of us.

In Service Always to Those Who the Star Shines Over,
Lord Arodonn and Lady Tangwystl of FalconRose Keep
High Lord and Lady of House FalconRose

I leave you in peace
Thank you  in service always
Lord of FalconRose
Arodonn of FalconRose Keep.

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