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Xene here:

That's terrible!!  Motan and Ambrielle were living in Elfsea when I first
moved here.  I remember when Ambrielle was pregnant, but don't remember if
she had an older child at the time.

I want to go and hug my son now........but he's at a different school.

Hug your children, your friends, and your family every day.  You never know
when it will be the last time and it will give them joy always.

Again, we have many to pray for in this time of personal tragedy.


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It is with sadness that I pass on this email from the
Loch Bais email list. From what I remember Ambrielle
is a valued Elfsea ex-patriate and I count her amoung
my good friends still in Louisianna. I would suggest
that if you wish to send messages to her and her
family, email them. I have additional contact
information if someone wishes to do something for

sadenned by yet another loss of life.

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> As many of you already know and for those of you who
> do not:
> Last night, My son Andrew was killed in a 4-wheeler
> accident.  I am going
> this morning to make the arrangements & his funeral
> will be at Hixson
> Brothers in Pineville, La.  When we have finalized
> the arrangements I will
> have someone post the information.  Again, let me
> express my gratitude to
> all of those who stayed with me last night & are
> staying with me today to
> help through this nightmare.
> I remain
> Ambrielle

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