[Elfsea] Last Chance

neil starkey raimonddemora at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 14 06:25:44 PDT 2001

>uh.... i dont understand but on my wish list is a small medieval tent(if
>there is one do i have to pay for it?)

Nigel, maybe I can help.  The supplies that are being discussed below are
the Baronial supplies from the Baronial storage.  Items like the torches,
list poles and rope, and other items to be used on site.  This unfortunately
is not a location that sales or rents supplies to individuals.  I encourage
you to join the loading process and maybe that will help explain better.  I
also want to thank you for your continuos asking of questions.  That is a
great way to learn.


>>This is your last chance to let me know what you might want from the shed.
>>I will be loading up on Thursday evening, starting around 6.  If have sent
>>me a wish list, please do so again.  I have a fairly detailed list, but
>>is your chance to make additions and/or corrections to your list for me.
>>The deadline for this will be 12 noon on Sunday, so I can correlate and
>>my final list.

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