[Elfsea] Last Chance

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Fri Sep 14 04:52:20 PDT 2001

ah... now i understand
thank you

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>Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001 06:25:44
>>uh.... i dont understand but on my wish list is a small medieval tent(if
>>there is one do i have to pay for it?)
>Nigel, maybe I can help.  The supplies that are being discussed below are
>the Baronial supplies from the Baronial storage.  Items like the torches,
>list poles and rope, and other items to be used on site.  This
>is not a location that sales or rents supplies to individuals.  I encourage
>you to join the loading process and maybe that will help explain better.  I
>also want to thank you for your continuos asking of questions.  That is a
>great way to learn.
>>>This is your last chance to let me know what you might want from the
>>>I will be loading up on Thursday evening, starting around 6.  If have
>>>me a wish list, please do so again.  I have a fairly detailed list, but
>>>is your chance to make additions and/or corrections to your list for me.
>>>The deadline for this will be 12 noon on Sunday, so I can correlate and
>>>my final list.
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