[Elfsea] October's war practice

Shetler, Greg Greg.Shetler at americredit.com
Mon Sep 17 10:33:49 PDT 2001

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October's war practice is slated for Oct 21, with Steppes hosting the

However, Sir Aaron has indicated that he and his would like to join Iron
Star Brigade, and could really use some folks to go out there and help them
train for war.

I want to see what you folks think about heading out West - probably out as
far as Lake Sweetwater - to run war practice out there.  I would like to
make sure we have a place where we can do combat archery as part of
practice, as we need to get our archers ready for war, and the fighters need
practice maneuvering and fighting with arrows flying about them.  I'm sure
that those who go will be met with warm hospitality and considerable
gratitude.  We could make it a good excuse to party, too....

What do y'all think?  Please let me know, either here or by private e-mail.


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