[Elfsea] RE: Donating Blood

Synrik synrik at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 17 10:47:19 PDT 2001

Me, personally, I have a nasty habbit of drinking Ouzo.

As for bardic, well . . . . . . Does a rant count?  I do have to admit they are
funny, but a type that is saved for after midnight. . . . . if the mood is

Jane Sitton wrote:

> Sounds like you need to try the (in)famous "Biohazard" my lord husband
> concocts.  <evil grin>  Laird Loganaich is quite fond of Guiness, BTW.
> Don't worry about not being able to contribute much.  I have found that most
> people bring more than they can eat or drink.  Just bring your wit and your
> appetite.  We'll get you fed.  If you have any bardic inclinations, we'll
> let you sing (or tell a story) for your supper.
> Madelina
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> Well. I brew.  But because of all the stuff that has happened over this
> year, I don't have jack to offer for this defender.
> Some, to the health of my wife, it looks as if I'll pony up a case or more
> of Guiness to go with the steaks.
> As for party, I'm hoping to be crawling around looking for my boots by four
> in the morning (and finding them three camps over).
> ;-)  Gustave alf Blitzgarten
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