FW: [Elfsea] Want to learn how to inkle weave?

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a small lap sized loom used to make narrow bands of fabric which can be used
for camera straps, belts, fringe, leashes; can be stitched together to make
full width fabric. very strong, warp faced.

Robin de Shealladh

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For those of us who do not know what inkle weaving is, can you explain what
it is like maybe where/what you would see it (on) what it's purpose is (if
is has a specialty purpose) and maybe a time period?

I'd be much abliged! ;o)

Violet of Glamorganshire

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>Greetings all,
>I just wanted to send you all a reminder that I will be teaching a
>Inkle Weaving class at H.Ly. Tanwyn's home this evening.
>I will be providing a handout and hope that you can bring your loom and we
>will certainly get you warped (if you aren't already)!  ;-)
>Looking forward to seeing you there.
>In service,
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