[Elfsea] Yes sir, we have Knowne World Handbooks!

Tessa Nieto eleanor_cleavely at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 21 07:52:03 PDT 2001

Greetings to all my wacky compadres of Elfsea!

I will indeed have the greatest book known to Mankind
at Defender: THE KNOWNE WORLD HANDBOOK *insert angels
trumpeting here*!

For those who have reserved your copy, I will have
them at the List Mistress Pavillion and would be more
than happy to take your money. :O)

I will be on site tonight no later than 6pm (cuz I
hafta work Troll) and I am camping in the Celtic
encampment. If you will be busy on Saturday kicking
the stuffing out of fighters, come see me Friday night
for your KWHs. Otherwise, I will be happy to deliver
on Saturday.

For those who have NOT reserved a copy, do not fear! I
will be ordering more very soon so you, too, can be
the Socrates of the SCA with all the knowledge that
the Knowne World Handbook imparts!

The cost is $16 and I accept checks, money orders and
cash (but I prefer a check or money order. It's just
easier that way).

Thanks to all who are purchasing the books! I

Your humbly foolish subject and servant,
Eleanor, Lady Cleavely
Purveyor of delicacies and Knowne World Handbooks
Deputy Hospitaler - Elfsea
Minister of Arts & Sciences - College of Three Bridges

The human language is like a cracked kettle on which we beat out a tune for a dancing bear, when we hope with our music to move the stars.
- - - Gustave Flaubert, Madame Bovary

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