[Elfsea] Help needed from Rubenesque ladies

AerynGeil@aol.com AerynGeil at aol.com
Fri Sep 21 07:55:15 PDT 2001

Dear Rubenesque Ladies of Elfsea,

I have finnished sorting the loaner garb into hot and cold weather sections.

I am leaving the coldweather clothes at home and toting nine boxes including one of shoes, one with cloaks (just in case) and one with acessories to defender.

Here is the problem - most of our loaner garb appears to have come from the emaciated people among our populace. We have several guests this weekend who will need clothing to fit a more voluptious figure.

I have packed several pieces of my own, but anyone who has not departed yet and has an extra outfit or two they do not plan to wear (not in winter weight fabric) is encouraged to bring them along.

Thank you for your help in this - anything you can loan for the weekend would be a great help. I am camping in the Persian Vigil Camp and I will be glad to take personal responsibility to launder and return you garb at Moot.

Thank you for your help
Your laundress


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