[Elfsea] Report on Elfsea Defender

Timothy Rayburn timothy_of_glastonbury at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 23 17:42:05 PDT 2001

For all those starved for details :

New Archery Defender : Fearghus McKenna
New Chivalric Defender : Count Timotheus Kalamanos
New Rapier Defender : Sir Miguel de O'Porto

Winner of Culture Camps : Celtic Camp (Tanwyn Organizer)
Winner of Heraldic A&S : Tanwyn Aneira
Winner of List Field Pavilion Competition : Company of the Grail

Awards I remember :

Honour du Bois, Phellipe Descours, Countess Allyson, Eleanor Cleavley,
Adelaide de Ruthven are not holders of the Portcullis of Elfsea

Tanwyn Aneira, Ceinwen ferch Rhuel, Daniel Steward, Siobhan Inghen
Eoghan O'Donnabhar are now Members of the Order of the Azure Keystone
of Elfsea.

Llywelyn Gruffydd is now a Companion to the Order of the Star of Merit
Siobhan recieved a Crowns Favor of Ansteorra
Countess Allyson recieved a Star of Merit
Countess Kayleigh recieved a Star of Merit
Philo Alexander got a belated Thistle in Cooking
Countess Octavia recieved a Star of Merit
Master Darius was Elevated to the Order of the Laurel
and many many more...


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