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Wed Sep 26 12:24:38 PDT 2001

That'd be Roanna.  She's from House Arkham.  They're helpful like that.  They did as much or more to help with the archery range set-up than any other group of individuals.  As far as I know though Roanna only has a little 'L' lady not the big one.  I guess I'll have to go change that.  I'm off to ...


Billy Fathead

PS  You know she's going to hurt me for getting her called up into court.
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>Buenos Dias!
>I wanted to take a few moments and say Muchas Gracias!!!!! to all those who
>helped me with/under the Hospitaler Pavilion this weekend at Elfsea
>There were many individuals who helped me put up the pavilion and move all
>the heavy things under the pavilion. If you were one of those individuals,
>please e-mail me privately, as I would like to reward you with a small token
>of appreciation and so that I can let your Baron/Baroness know of the much
>appreciated help you gave me. I'm embarrassed to say that I don't remember
>names very well, only faces. I wanted to give you all a little something for
>your help, but our car was already tightly packed with the basics and
>ourselves, which did not leave any romm whatsoever for my largesse. :)
>There is one lady whom I remember her name (and I better)...Lady Rowena. She
>helped with the above mentioned tasks, but she also graciously watched my
>son, Ryan, during the archery shoot while I attended to our newcomers.
>Without her, Ryan would have missed the archery shoot and I would have had a
>very upset little boy on my hands the rest of the day.
>Also, thanks to HL Gabrielle for giving me all the wonderful ideas for
>keeping our newcomers active during the day and encouraging the Steppes
>newcomers to come to Elfsea Defender.
>In Service,
>Lady Maria
>Hospitaler for the Lord and Lady of Elfsea
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