[Elfsea] Water-truck/trailer WAS -- RE: where in Corpora is it?

Christine Huse maria_elfsea at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 26 12:51:01 PDT 2001

Actually, speaking as the ex-Chamberlain. I'm uncomfortable with us owning
even a trailer. I can see a real headache with this piece of equipment.

Who will keep it inspected? Who will keep it maintained? We are talking
about taking off time at work to get that done.

Who's gonna haul it to events? Those that do have trailer hitches, use them
to go to events. I know we will once we get one, out of necessity...babies
require alot of stuff to be hauled around.

Where will it be stored? I couldn't and wouldn't ask Caelin to keep it. He
has already done so much for letting us keep our Baronial stuff on his

If it has a mounted water tank on it, who will keep it filled? Where will it
be filled? This could cost us a good chunk of change in the long run that
could eat a big hole in our savings.

It's tough enough with keeping up with the little things that the Barony
owns. I think adding another piece of equipment that large and one that
needs constant maintance would be a really bad idea.

I agree that we could rent a water-truck for events that are held at places
like Tanglewood. It would be nice.


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> > Greetings unto the list!
> >
> > At Moot this past Monday, my lord husband, Laird
> > Seamus Donnacadh Loganaich
> > an gabhain (aka Logan the Smith) brought up an issue
> > concerning the Barony
> > purchasing a water tanker for use at events (to haul
> > water from one location
> > to another, to spray down roads to keep dust to a
> > minimum, etc.).
> >
> > One noble gentle countered with the advise that SCA
> > law prohibits us, as a
> > Barony, from purchasing motor vehicles.
> >
> > As our home computer is still out of service, I have
> > attempted to locate the
> > exact wording of the prohibition in Corpora &
> > various related articles,
> > using my free time here at work.  So far, I have
> > been unable to find
> > anything even slightly related to this topic, but
> > alas, cannot spend a great
> > deal of time "surfing" for what I need.
> >
> > Could someone with a better working knowledge of
> > Corpora, the By-Laws, etc.,
> > please point me in the right direction as it relates
> > to this topic?
> >
> > Much obliged,
> > Madelina de Lyndesaye
> > mka Jane Sitton-Logan
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