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Wed Sep 26 13:27:29 PDT 2001

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Not putting down anyone's effort - it is a very good idea.  The basic problem
I see is licensing and insurance.  Insurance is very costly.  Having just
purchased a trailer, in order to use it you must have the same things an
insured vehicle requires:  It must be in someone's name  who will be
resposible, have a permanent address, qualify for insurance, tags.  If I
understand it, the leagalities and cost of ownership is why a vehicle is not
a valid capitol investment for a non profit organization with out a business
address or store front or officers financially resposible for accidents or

Just my 2 cents.

Asa Hrafnasdottir
Sermo datur cunctis, animi sapientia paucis.
Speech is given to many, intelligence to few.

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