[Elfsea] Thank you!

Libbie Greene libbie.greene at sabre.com
Wed Sep 26 14:52:41 PDT 2001

I wanted to send a big thank you to all the people who helped me with
the Middle Eastern encampment this last weekend.

We all had a wonderful time and the food was most delicious! The
drumming set the night buzzing with excitement and our special guest The
Desert Dancers brought the house down with their brilliant performance.
Ladies, your grace and beauty is truly stunning and the power of your
dance grabs you by the heart strings and lifts the weary spirit to sing
with joy!
Dear Daungerous, the camp would have never been if it weren't for you
generosity. You are the best!
I want to send a special thank you to Baron Borek who helped me set up
camp on Friday night. I never would have done it with out him.
To Abdeslam Chebaa and his family I am so very grateful to the effort
and enthusiasm you all gave that night. The couscous and baklava was a
Big hit! I hope you guys enjoyed your first event.
To the kind couple who helped me unload, a thousand thank yous! You
saved my life.
And last but not least a heartfelt thank you to my dear, sweet Finnian.
Thank you for your support and strength while I lost my mind :)

We all had a good time and the feed back we got was so positive that
next year it will be bigger and better than ever before! For those who
missed the Hafla there was some truly spectacular drumming and dancing
that was enjoyed by all. I hope to see you there next year.

Till then, happy zills!
HL Brigit

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