[Elfsea] OT: Extra Help needed this weekend- Heavy Weapons fighters/ marshals

Jhan Knebel rixende at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 26 20:34:10 PDT 2001

Forgive me for posting this to the list, but I am in
need of some help this weekend. As many of you know, I
am involved in producing Paintball Scenario Games with
Mad Ivan. This weekend we have one at the Tanglewood
Forest Site.

We are in need of about 8 extra referees. Why SCA
fighters and marshals? Because they understand honor,
and know how to enforce the rules that are presented
for the game that is being played. (and are not afraid
to ask if they don't know the answer)

Be at Tanglewood forest Friday evening. (Game play
begins at 5, but you can arrive later if coming from
Referee Fri evening, Saturday and Sunday. (Daylight
hours only, we don't play at night) The play normally
ends around 4 or 5 on Sunday afternoon.

Pay is $50 for the weekend, plus we will feed you Fri
nite, all day saturday and sunday breakfast and lunch.

Plan to camp on site, and have a great time doing so.
The group of players in this game is quite like the
SCA, and I can guarentee you will have fun doing this.

Please call me at 817-797-1988 if you are interested
in assisting me this weekend, or have any questions.

Thank you, and I apologize again for using this forum
to make this announcement.

Rixende/Jhan Knebel

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