[Elfsea] Water-truck/trailer

Richard Threlkeld rjt at softwareinnovation.com
Wed Sep 26 20:51:55 PDT 2001

I must agree. This site needs improvements like showers
and more available water, but it beats a site like
Canton all hollow. The wonder of the night stars, the
beautiful campsites, and the quiet are all worth the
longer trip.

I know that some people felt the combination of distance and
primitive site kept the gate count a bit lower than it would
have been at Canton. This is probably true and we need to have
at least some events at sites which will accommodate these
people also. But a more primitive site is much closer to the
dream we are trying to recreate. And there are hotels close
to the site for those who truly cannot camp.

Defender went very well and the problems had little to do
with the site or its primitiveness. Lets work with the
owner to get the changes we most want done. He is channeling
virtually all income from our events into improvements we

In service,

> > We are still looking for a more affordable site and maybe not quite so
> > primative.
> > Siobhan
> > Elfsea Seneschal
> >
> Ok I have just spent the last 4 years in Merridas calling them
> wimps because
> they will not camp. That Anstorrans are able to handle it.
> I absolutely loved the primitive site. Not the drive but the site
> was great.
> And this is the person who owns an RV.
> I don't want to start a tiff but a site like this is and use to
> be wonderful.
> It helps with the magic of the dream.
> Donnel
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