[Elfsea] possible camping site

Sluggy! slugmusk at linuxlegend.com
Fri Sep 28 23:58:56 PDT 2001

Barony of Elfsea Baron and Baroness wrote:

> Nigel asked what's wrong with Tanglewood.

Plenty, but no more point than I might find wrong with anywhere else. I
have yet to find the perfect site...


> I love the stars at night without lights all around, but that road is a bit
> rough to walk along in the dark.  It's hard enough on the feet in daylight.

For stargazing, one of my favorite sites is down at Whitewater, where
Bjornsborg often holds events. It's several miles of I35 and VERY dark
out there. Parking is on the other side of a bluff topped with trees, so
once the event is underway, vehicles are a very rare site.

As for the terrain at Tanglewood, it's pretty tough on wheels, too, day
or night. Lady Gabrielle's enjoyment of her first event since her
surgery was greatly enhanced by the mobility offered by the scooter we
rented, but the stumplets all over the site (especially at the list
field) jostled her quite hard and at least once, she got stuck on one.

> I love all the trees, but I'd love it more with about 10-15% fewer trees, so
> as to allow more comfortable camping.

There are good and bad things about the density of the woods.
Personally, I like the thick woods, but due to those woods, the
campsites are pretty isolated from one another. This is good when one
wants to sleep and your neighbors don't, but at both Spring Faire and
Defender, we felt a little isolated. The separation complicates the
heralding of events. The isolation inhibits the kind of campsite to
campsite wandering that a more open site encourages.

> Water spigots on site would be a Good Thing, as would more accessible
> electricity for those who need it, a feast hall in case of rain, classrooms in
> which to hold classes, and of course, showers.

Showers, showers, showers. Did I mention showers? Showers would be good,
too... :)

> It's a good site, I like it better than Canton, and I'm glad Timothy found it.
> But it's not perfect, and I haven't given up on finding better.  Besides, as
> Donnell pointed out, it's good to have choices.

The things I like about Tanglewood, I like a lot. The things I don't
will probably be corrected over the years. :)

I keep forgetting to promote my recently passed name and device...

Lord Robartach O'Sluaghain (Robber-tah O'Slohun),
Per chevron, sable and gules, in chief a bezant,
but you can call me Sluggy!

BTW, did I mention showers?

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