[Elfsea] On The Economics of People

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Tue Oct 8 19:53:03 PDT 2002

We could always "share" events with Steppes, ensuring both our baronies stay in the black, without killing the event opportunities.  Colleges, collegiums and revels - these would work, be it official or unofficial.

Wars work as well - friendly competition in the 3 Kings style or a combined defender or warlord - each having its own competition with its own fighters.

Not everything has to be on the calendar - tradition, e-mail, lists and handouts bring as many people to an event as the Blackstar ad/kingdom calendar - the ones we will miss are the people coming from extreme areas - which seems to have fallen off any way.

Co-operation relieves the stress on making events profit,  advance planning ensures profitability.  More people aware in the barony(s) of the clock-works means more people to step in if anything needs to be done.  Unofficial events held in a highly populated area like the metroplex has a captive audience - people are always looking for events close to home.  And events one can relax at, have fun - these are good things.  New events may replace outdated ones - or old ones see a revamping.

All is not lost, but a change in thinking may turn problems into profit - sometimes change is good.  But change is always inevitable - stagnation is death, a final end, not a means.

Open discussion of all posibilities helps inform everyone of thoughts, consensus of feeling and needs for our demographical area - it is good that we are having this discussion, no matter the outcome.

Asa Hrafnasdottir
Loch Ruadh

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