[Elfsea] Economics of the Kingdom

Terri Head Terri at pandora.org
Tue Oct 8 22:01:02 PDT 2002

This may be a goofy suggestion, (and showing what I DON'T know) but with most of you being computer gurus, why not establish a Kingdom Calendar Coordinator.   This person could be RESPONSIBLE not only for keeping the calendar, BUT ALSO help coordinate any smaller groups that may have events on the same date, so that they could benefit not only from shared responsibilities, but will gain more activities for their event thus, ensuring a better garantee that people would come. In doing so, they could help any and all groups get the most out of their event.  He/she could even help by getting supporters (other groups who wouldn't mind sharing the event) for those who feel that their event might be too risky if they were to host it on their own.
  The reason I mentioned computers and establishing a coordinator is that this person could have a site with a calendar,controlled solely by he/she, that person(s) responsible for their groups can contact. If a site is too much, they can simply just make emails the means of communication. The reason for this person being a Kingdom Coordinator is (the obvious) that they would be needed to help coordinate all kingdom events but also would be a useful tool to the King & Queen for their own travel plans.

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