[Elfsea] Kingdom Calendar suggestion - very very long

Lisa Duke arabella at elfsea.net
Thu Oct 10 15:34:26 PDT 2002

Caelin said:

The implication of this appears to be that most of us (including
virtually all the central region) would be limited to one event
(our PED). For a number of reasons already mentioned, I believe
having only one event is risky financially and does not allow
us enough venues for training and building a group identity.
Thank you for bringing a very unclear point to my attention.  You missed a
very important paragraph at the every end of the letter.
"Remember after all the groups pick a PED then if the Group wants to hold
other events they would use the current Kingdom Calendar Rules for conflicts
and precede to choose the other event dates they want to hold."

I did not imply only one event.  Only that everyone should have one
perpetual event date.  They can hold other events according to Kingdom
Calendar Rules and Kingdom Law.  Part of our problem is that smaller groups
can't get on the calendar.  I never said that groups can't conflict with
each other only that the PED's shouldn't conflict.
More concisely:
Wipe the calendar out
Put Kingdom Events in
Put PED in for every group
Then groups can choose from that point who they want to conflict with,
according to the Kingdom Calendar Rules and Kingdom Law.

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