[Elfsea] The Future of Elfsea Defender

CE Huse/Lady Maria Cabeca de Vaca cehuse at sbcglobal.net
Wed Oct 23 10:40:34 PDT 2002


Great discussion topic, Timothy! This is what Phelippe and I have been
discussing for sometime now...How can we put more life into Defender?

> 1) What would you like to see as a 'theme' for Elfsea Defender?

Yes, themes can be very fun for everyone...not just the fighters.

> 2) Would you personally be willing to coordinate a project for an
> event over 8 months in advance?

Well...I did swear on the virtual Mogwi not to do anything for the next
year, but I wouldn't mind sponsoring something (with enough notice).

> 3) Would you be willing to see how we choose our Defenders
> change?  (ie Retire the Reverse OP challenge/Swiss 5 format)

YES!!! Our formats for tournaments are getting very boring and I'm hearing
this from alot of fighters (heavy and light). I would love to see something
totally different.  I heard from alot of fighters that the snowball meelee
that Loch Rudh had at Lughnasad year before last was alot of fun....yes, I
know this would not be feasible for picking 1 winner.

Phelippe and I have been tossing around the idea of having a tournament
where your offensive and defensive items are determined by the throw of the
dice....could be very fun to fight and quite a bit of a challenge!

> 4) Would you be willing to see a judged tournament, where wins
> and losses alone do not dictate who the next Defender is?

No. Judged tournaments could be quite "dangerous". I see a large can of
worms that could be opened up here. I'm afraid there are just too many
people out there who would see this tournament based on political clout and
not one based on skill.

> 5) Would you be willing to see Elfsea Defender move from it's
> current area on the Calendar?  Is there a time of year that might
> be better?

Yes!! September is just too danged hot! What's wrong with October or
November? Yes, it's a little chilly at night, but the days are still nice. I
think we wouldn't need the hall to cool poeple down and therefore, we could
save some money on our event.

> 6) What is one thing you miss from Defender's past that you would
> like to see return, and would be personally willing to work to see return?

Sorry. I haven't been around long enough to answer this one.

> 7) What is the most fun tournament you've personally
> witnessed/fought-in within the last year?

I love Lughnasad!! It just seems ***so*** relaxing! Also, my kiddos have a
blast...when they are happy, then I'm happy. I also like Border Wars when
they had the cattle Raids. It was so much fun watching the kids and adults
trying to steal cattle from the encampments. Phelippe and I went to Sheep
Wars in Moonshadow a couple of years ago and we had fun there because the
feast was just so yummy and filling (I was still full the next morning when
we got up).

I think what makes an event enjoyable is a fun and relaxing atmosphere and a
very filling (and good tasting) feast.

Hope this helps!

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