[Elfsea] the beginning of this thread

Lisa Duke arabella at elfsea.net
Thu Oct 10 18:29:25 PDT 2002

I'm now truly confused.  (That's not an unusual state of being these days.)
And as I understood the problem that brought all this to a discussion was
Rosenfeld not having an available weekend in November.
Currently on the Kingdom Calendar 2003 shows Bryn Gwlad having a Fall Event
the same weekend that Rosenfeld usually holds 3 Kings.  This year Bryn
Gwlad's fall event is the second weekend in October against Namron
There is no reason under the current rules why Rosenfeld can't do an event
the same weekend.  Did Afan tell them they couldn't have the event that
weekend or are they assuming they aren't able to?  Is the real question
someone doesn't think people will come or someone doesn't want to compete
with another group?  Or is someone misinformed?  Or is someone being anal?
Not the King, he asked how we could reduce the Calendar Stress.
Today it's a snooze, you loose world.
As posted previously in my missive, if all groups got 1 PED then they'd
still have to decide about competing against other groups.  But each group
could count on 1 perpetual event date.

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