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Unto the Archers of the Central Region,

Her Excellency Octavia has appointed me to lead and train the Archers of the
Central Region in preparation for Gulf War. To do this I need to know how
many archers we could be fielding from our region. Please respond to me
privately with your intentions and I will be building a database to keep
track of this. Also I will be holding meetings to discuss Gulf War at the
War Practices mentioned in His Excellency Llywelyn's post.

HL Fearghus MacKenna
Sergeant of Archers for the Central Region of the Ansteorran Army of Heroes

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The Central Region war company, the Iron Star Brigade, met last Sunday.  We
had a good turnout and had a great time, but we could really use a couple
dozen more fighters.  Come join us!

Our upcoming practices are:
10/27   Elfsea practice
11/9    Three Kings (Rosenfeld)
12/8    Mary Head Park in Carrollton
1/5/03  Mary Head Park in Carrollton, the day after Steppes 12th night

Llywelyn Gruffydd
Acting Central Regional Commander
Llywelyn at attbi.com

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