[Elfsea] Kingdom Calendar re focus

Nolen Dale fairborn at swbell.net
Fri Oct 11 04:31:55 PDT 2002

Caelin posts:

What did you have in mind?

Here are some simple things Elfsea can choose to do or no to do.

1. Do nothing

2. Eliminate one Kingdom Calendar Event ( your choice except not defender
that is our ped event)

3.If the Barony is strong enough, has enough people to work the event, and
wants to increase attendance ask the kingdom for the permanent home of
several events to go with Elfsea Baronial College. My suggestion in keeping
with the A&S and the college theme offer to always host Kingdom Eisteddfod
and Academy of the sword. Having a new kingdom bard would be great right
before gulf wars and having extra martial knowledge you can use at gulf wars
would be great as well. Baronial college usually breaks even any way right?
So donate all the profits from the event to the kingdom. Barony wins! The
kingdom Wins, The Kingdom Calendar Wins! and we all get to learn something
to boot.
The key to this suggestion is that someone has to find a site and date now
for this event and not wait until the last minute.

My $1.00 worth. This might be just enough to buy yourself a coke and a

Richard Fairbourne

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