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Tessa Nieto eleanor_cleavely at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 14 06:36:01 PDT 2002

--- Nolen Dale  wrote:
"3.If the Barony is strong enough, has enough peopleto
work the event, and wants to increase attendance ask
the kingdom for the permanent home of several events
to go with Elfsea Baronial College. My suggestion in
keeping with the A&S and the college theme offer to
always host Kingdom Eisteddfodand Academy of the
sword. Having a new kingdom bard would be great right
before gulf wars and having extra martial knowledge
you can use at gulf wars would be great as well.
Baronial college usually breaks even anyway right?"

Baronial College actually made money this past year
and I believe (though I am not certain) that it made
money the year before.  However, if we had all those
competitions in conjunction with Baronial College,
there is the possibility of a much larger profit
margin. However, therein lies the problem of "enough
people to work the event". I know that Elfsea is
spread pretty thin as far as volunteers. I know of
several people who work nearly every event. So, I
don't know if offering to do one or the other or
even both is really such a good idea for a barony
that's quickly getting worn out.

As far as Kingdom Eisteddfod, I personally believe
that this should be an event unto itself. We have a
separate event for Queen's Champion (which I do NOT
think should be combined with King's Champion) and A&S
defender. So why not have Kingdom Eisteddfod on it's
own? I know it doesn't solve the Kingdom Calendar
quandry but that's just this bard's opinion. :o)

Thanks for listening and have a great week. We miss

Eleanor Cleavely
currently residing in the Kingdom of Atenveldt but
will always be an Ansteorran at heart

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